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Hello Sarah Adams and Isaac Fox Families!

I am pleased to be your Art teacher for all students at Sarah Adams and four classrooms at Isaac Fox!

In my class, students will have the opportunity to see and experience the world through the eyes of an artist. They will create drawings, paintings, mixed-media pieces, and sculpture... but there is so much more! They will learn about artists and art forms from around the world, past and present. They will learn to think, plan, and solve problems in a variety of ways. Students will also understand how their art experiences connect to other disciplines and interests in school, in the outside world, and beyond.  

In terms of Art Education, my main areas of expertise are in drawing and painting, but I am also very knowledgeable in several forms of 2D and 3D art, cultures, and art history to ensure that every student of mine participates in well-rounded and valuable artistic learning experiences.

When I am not at school and I am hanging out with my husband and two boys. We love Legos, art stuff, and spending time outside!

If you have any questions or concerns, my email address is which I check frequently, so please feel free contact me at anytime as needed. 

Please follow me on Twitter for the latest Art class updates and photos!

Education & Experience:

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education- University of Illinois (Urbana/Champaign) 2003
Masters of Teaching in Curriculum and Instruction- Olivet Nazarene University  2011

K-8 Art Teacher at Carnegie School in Chicago, 2004-2012
1-5 Art Teacher at Spencer Loomis School, District 95, 2013-2017
K-5 Art Teacher at Sarah Adams School, 2017- 

Dear Parent/Guardian,

Our goal is to make today a valuable day for your child that promotes his/her continued growth and achievement. Our Choice Board contains learning activities to accomplish that goal.  Please click here to view the Choice Board and procedures for an eLearning day. 

Starting this week, we will have Art lessons and videos on Seesaw!!! Tomorrow, 2nd and 5th grade have Art in their remote learning schedule, so please see your Art lesson/activity under the Activity section in your Art- Bate class in Seesaw. 

Before you begin, I would like you to know that I understand that everyone is on different schedule, will have different supplies, and works at their own pace. If you cannot finish your project today, that is okay!!! Please post your work whenever you get a chance! 

On Wednesdays and Fridays, it is choice board day, which can be found here:   Each week there will be new activity choices for Art. These projects can also be posted on SeeSaw. You may create as much as you would like, but you only need to post 1 or 2 Art projects/activities a week. 

In addition the choice board, from time to time I will be tweeting ( )  photos and videos of more project ideas and other materials that you might find at home, without shopping for extra Art supplies. 

Finally, the Artist of the day is Hokusai (1760-1849) from Japan. He is known for his Great Wave woodcut print and many prints of abstract landscapes and other nature scenes. He also made tiny paintings on grains of rice...can you paint on something so tiny???