Virtual Backpack for Sarah Adams

Information is listed in the Virtual Backpack for the following organizations/activities only:

  • Activities officially sponsored by the PTO and approved by the building principal (profit or non-profit organizations) . 
  • Activities officially sponsored by the school as approved by the building principal (profit or non-profit organizations). 
  • 501c3 non-profit and local governmental organizations with activities geared toward students' interests or involvement. 501c3 non-profit documentation is required. 

Organizations in the Virtual Backpack are not affiliated with Community Unit School District 95.

Virtual Backpack Listings

Submitting Information for the Virtual Backpack

What to Submit

  • A brief description of your event or offerings (300 characters or less) including grade levels, dates, times, costs, and deadlines.
  • A link to your website to a flyer or signup information. In general, we will NOT accept flyers to be uploaded on our website.
  • Indicate the starting and ending dates for posting your information.
  • Proof of 501c(3) status unless your organization is officially sponsored by the school or PTO with building principal approval as mentioned above.
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